Behind The Scenes - Constructed Set

Although I am not going to talk much about creating this set I hope that these images help you to understand what goes into creating a set like this. 

Here is a list of materials used: 
- (6) Sheets of Drywall
- (16) 2x4 Blocks of Wood
- (2) Boxes of Screws
- (2) Cans of Paint
- (1) Can of Primer
- (1) Box of Nails
- (Approx. 10) Pallets of Wood
- (Approx. 4) Corner Bead
- Drywall Tape
- Drywall Mud
- Drywall Knives
- Sanding Block
- Skill Saw
- Impact Driver
- Drill
- Tape Measure
(will add more as soon as I hear from the set builder)

Here are some images from this shoot: