Fast Fashion

I have been working as the photo editor for Positive Negative Magazine since the beginning of September. My experience has been incredible not only being able to assist photographers and designers to create magazine worthy projects, but also to produce my own work for the magazine. I have been working with a few different mediums to produce three articles that are going to be published in the magazine. In one story, I used multiple cell phone cameras to photograph my subject to show the benefits of phone cameras in the photographic industry. In another article, I used fabric to create a still life and in the third I used fire as a medium to paint an image of a power plant.

 I would like to share with you one of my most interesting projects for the magazine. The story is called fast fashion and it discusses how the fashion industry has produced products similar to fast food chains - cheap products at mass quantities. Of course we all love those stores because they are so affordable but there are reasons for that. Many of these stores use sweat factories to produce their clothing and it is not fair to companies that use legitimate sources. 




Here is a behind the scenes look at how we achieved this:


I cannot express to you how difficult it was to get this shot and to make it look as realistic as possible. The biggest struggle was trying to balance all of these different shapes on top of each other, it really was just this lopsided mess for the longest time until we figured out the right order to place all of these clothes so that they could sit easily on each other. We went from having the lettuce under the burger to having the tomatos below and the lettuce on top, then we tried the onions on the bottom, so on and so forth. We had to change up the order and the quantity so many times until we found the perfect match. I am so proud of this piece especially because I do not consider myself to be a still life photographer. I do it and I love it but it is not my specialty so I am really glad that Liz and I were able to accomplish this.





On another note, looks can be deceiving, although this looks like a beautiful sandwich the truth is that behind that piece is a long tail of fabric. We did not want to cut any of the garments so there is just a ridiculous amount of fabric hanging behind it.